FIP consultants are used to dealing with complex issues alongside clients and their lawyers. In the last ten years, they have intervened as Party Expert or Independent Expert and have been called upon to produce reports and/or testify in civil or criminal proceedings in France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.  

In the context of an amicable or contentious negotiation, FIP assists its clients by valuing the damages suffered by them, including the actual loss (damnum emergens) and loss of possible earnings (lucrum cessans), then producing an organized and convincing demonstration of this valuation, supported by documentation driven by the dual requirement of precision and integrity.

• Commercial dispute (amicable settlement, litigation, arbitration)

• Fraud or other loss providing the basis for insurance claims

• Intellectual property violations

FIP relies on its financial and forensic accounting expertise to identify, internally and externally, all relevant information (through the review of internal documents, the consultation of public information sources, interviews, datamining). By organizing the documentation and building dynamic databases, FIP is able to optimally leverage the available information through the identification of relations and patterns which would otherwise have remained invisible.

After the extensive review of contractual provisions, economic and financial information, general and analytical accounting data, we conduct a global financial analysis of all information collected. In particular, this analysis may include modeling and financial projections obtained by reconstructing some missing data through scenario development and hypothesis validation.