Computer forensic

Financial Intelligence and Processing (FIP) calls upon advanced methodologies and tools to search for digital evidence as an integral part of its internal investigations. Our team of new technologies experts Forensic & Legal Services (FLS) assists lawyers, general counsels and huissiers de justice (bailiffs) in the context of litigations with a technological edge.

• Forensic analysis on any computer systems and digital storage media: hard drive, USB key, CD-ROM, DVD, mobile phone, smartphone, flash card, CCTV

• Expert statement either on-site or at the FLS lab, evidence-preserving copy of media, assistance in meetings with adverse parties

• Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures: detection and removal of audio and video surveillance devices

• Computer security audits: penetration tests, business continuity planning, data loss prevention

Using dedicated analysis tools FLS tracks down inappropriate communications or files, traces of break-in or unauthorized data deletion, etc. Its methodologies preserve the integrity of analyzed media (by working on forensic copies) and the data’s chain of custody to ensure its admissibility in potential court proceedings. Research is conducted on the complete extent of the media, i.e. not only within existing files, but also through the recovery of deleted data.

The FLS experts work on-site, generally coordinating their work with a huissier de justice, either in the context of legal petitions (so-called “Article 145” proceedings in civil French law) or mandated by parties aiming to preserve their rights. They can respond to urgent requests in multiple locations simultaneously.